in the grand scheme of things, i am infantile;

but even children learn and understand important math related concepts.

algorithms are step-by-step instructions on how to solve a problem, they can vary based on efficiency. efficiency in this context means accuracy, speed, and processing power needed.

in the software engineering system, there are many different way to solve a problem. on this medium page, the dedicated developer who keeps learning about these vicious algorithms is a member of an elite squad. this is her attempt at solving these problems…

note: the proceeding code snippets are all in Python. i’ve always had a thing for reptiles. …

“The best thing about JavaScript is its implementation of functions. It got almost everything right. But, as you should expect with JavaScript, it didn’t get everything right.”
Douglas Crockford

I want to briefly introduce you to functions and basic ways to use them. This is to get you comfortable with their syntax and usage, and will help explain other concepts in the upcoming lessons.

a function by any other name would smell as sweet

What the heck is a function? Well you could make an educated guess and according to the name it has some sort of functionality, which means a range of operations that can be performed by…

“Programming isn’t about what you know; it’s about what you can figure out.”
Chris Pine

In the last section we went over 3 primitive data types and the different ways to declare them. There are two other types I neglected to tell you about: null and undefined . To quickly illustrate the difference, here’s a quality meme:

Cases for these values will become clear as we go along, but for now if you understand that null means the value of a variable is empty right now and undefined means there’s no defined value for an existing variable then you’re…

“Talk is cheap. Show me the code.”
Linus Torvalds

I have never been one to rush things; my ego will tell you it’s the perfectionist in me, but a more candid explanation would call it classic procrastination. As Kevin Malone would put it, I am a “textbook over-thinker” . With all that thinking going on, I can admit most of it is unremarkable. But sometimes we have to sift through all the trite thoughts to dig for something meaningful on command. What is something meaningful I can provide right now? I want to provide an access point for those looking…


somewhere between lisa simpson and lana del rey

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